Created on 08 Nov 2021

Do you ever feel so addicted to your phone that it is basically an extension of your hand? What if it actually WAS?

We want to build a system that connects the digital world to the physical, allowing the user to project and use various applications, like a calculator or photo gallery, onto a surface (i.e. the wall, a hand). This system is intuitive, portable, and versatile, allowing you to use the world around you as your digital playground. The world is your canvas. All you need is what has always been right in front of you: your DIGITS. Inspired by the Sixth Sense Project


Alexis Duong


Tanisha Sethi


Ankita Chatterjee


Nicole Feng


Swati Anshu

Part Cost Quantity Total
Red LED Sequin $3.95 1 $3.95
Same as blue. Link to Adafruit wishlist: http://www.adafruit.com/wishlists/536856
Blue LED Sequin $3.95 1 $3.95
to accessorize fingers - potentially make colors easier for computer to "see" through camera
Coloured tape $6.99 1 $6.99
Coloured tape to track the fingers
Projector $79.99 1 $79.99
Projector to display output of the system
Light Sensor $7.50 4 $30.00
proximity, light, RGB, and gesture sensor
Mirror $9.95 1 $9.95
Reflective surface
Webcam $39.99 1 $39.99
This web camera will be connected to the laptop, provide video feed of the projected screen
Mirror 2 $6.98 1 $6.98
See other. Link to Amazon wishlist: https://tinyurl.com/amazonwishlistDigits
Project Totals: 11 $181.80
Track 1 Base Budget: $300.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $118.20