Computer vision autonomous solution buggy

@sjaiswa2, @zhengx, @xguan, @ovg, @blairc

Little Snitch

Do you sleep in class? Is your participation grade higher than expected? Then worry not! Little snitch is here.

@ryano, @epalaz

Electrically powered Longboard

Electric Board, enough said

@jhewitt, @arudich


A giant midifighter on the wall for fun

@cdgu, @ahebbar

Piezoelectric Dance Floor

A dance floor that lights up based on the kinetic energy from dancing


Flush Detection

An IoT sensor for detecting toilet flushes and extracting insights

@ahq, @raghuv, @bobbiec

The Quadcopter

An all-terrain vehicle, regardless of the terrain

@eolivare, @zblau, @rgoggins, @aahang, @jklotz

Tappy Glove

Gloves that let you send secret messages to your buds and pals

@aragura1, @jafinn, @aquinn, @sir, @eeschnei

Phi Delt

We're making a robotic quarterback that identifies receivers and hits them with a perfect pass.

@seswarac, @rmarmol, @csomani, @jyli1, @hansk

Light Sketch

A toy for children that lets them draw with light which can have child development applications.

@wwisely, @arojas2

Thingy Thing Thing

I'm a little teapot short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout. If I start to scream then hear me out, tip me

@plima, @eeb, @meribyte, @egarbade


Visualize Threads with Thread

@wjmitche, @nserafin


Teach kids to code through blocks!.

@kchoy1, @ewwong, @jyzhao, @msli, @emaynard

Automated Sewing Machine Feeder

A machine that feeds into a sewing machine in order to make it a hands-free procedure.


Net Launcher

Constructing a net launcher to catch small animals


Leaf Me Alone

The plant screams at you if you touch it.

@kimberll, @cmanaog, @iwl

Automated Measurement Checker

A system that can automatically check the dimensions of various products


EEG-Controlled Co-op Game

2-player mind-controlled co-op game

@abaddepu, @krv, @wz2, @ramgopav

Blow my Head

Ever wanted your hair to magically curl around the wand with no effort at all? blow dry without a brush? Use no heat?

@ltan1, @sarahk1, @mjwang, @jhlee2, @mbossard

Infinity LED Table

A useful home appliance with the added benefit of being customizable.



An AR app that points you in the direction of lost objects

@elu2, @cnl2, @sjlau

One Hand Show

Desk mounted robotic arm



ARI, your mental health companion.

@fandujar, @nprakas1, @ier, @wxl, @mengyinf


Simple Friendly Robot Owls

@iem, @krcarter

Rock Show 2.0

Motion/sound controlled stage effects


Lazy Laundry

Our motorized laundry basket will conveniently and automatically follow you and notify you when your laundry's done!

@yunchiew, @joycewu, @vccheng, @ebedoyan


Bartending robot, makes drinks


Alarm Box 🚨🗃️

Leaving for a few minutes? Protect your belongings hassle-free

@ekusuma, @tchiang, @szz, @apnayak


Recycling made easy, one toss at a time

@hyuh, @epena, @yuqizhou, @schu2

High Five Robot

a robot that high fives you


NFT Smart Hydroponics

Smart Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponics system that will grow Microgreens quickly and for a low cost.

@leheller, @ealbergo, @kbkramer, @gmarkey, @trgonzal

music fountain

Fountain that moves to the beat of radical tunes

@jlenney, @repouhe, @nlamprin, @jlewis1, @oaramire


Hardware-based VGM player for classic FM synth chiptunes.


Keyboard Synth

An arduino based piano synth taking design inspiration from both digital and modular synths for customizable sound playb


Magic Mirror

Ask your mirror to try on makeup looks for you

@yihanz, @sarahc1, @sywang


Robotic arm that parallels motion


StretchBack Chair

A smart chair designed to promote good sitting posture and significant health benefits


Automated Liquid Coalescer

High precision liquid combining machine

@bstone, @bcontess, @showard, @jgualtie, @gltang

Smart LED Table

A smart table that reacts to your environment and house appliances


Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Making a small, self-contained system capable of growing micro greens from your desk.

@bhlee, @ddugar, @ceq

Mind Controlled Sk8board

An electric skateboard... but mind controlled

@eseiler, @lwidmaye, @lortega, @ncn, @hweigle

Autonomous Agriculture Drone

Drone that autonomously sprays crops with water

@jdropkin, @ukhera, @sgirdhar

Tartan Spray Paint

It's just an inkjet printer

@mnowrooz, @lmplotte, @fbasit, @huachenw, @rhsin

Dorm Bot

A multifunctional robot that is controlled by Alexa.

@htran, @mmessers, @spersau1, @rbezbaru

Giant Emoji

An apparatus to mimic and present facial expression

@yishunz, @fyan1, @ruohaig

Autonomous Anki

Anki cozmo robot that follows perceived path


Semaphore Cat

The ever-popular meme Bongo Cat pursues his true passion as a semaphore flagger.

@marcurio, @sprinaw, @sshastry, @keboyle, @sydneyb

Robot Pet Dog

A dog, a friend, a follower to whatever end

@rlucht, @danielco, @vgbhat, @akong

Food Delivery Robot

Inspired by Overcooked, food delivery robot makes restaurant food prep less hectic!

@achang2, @yatingh, @yuyingq, @smohidee, @yaoj


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what's the weather?

@ayli1, @mdbanerj, @habaker, @sgehlot, @jrathnag

Mountain Sk80 M80

A long range, multi terrain capable longboard.

@dpallerl, @xinzed, @mbankole

Automated Garden--Garden Bed "Elevator"

A garden bed manipulation system to maximize vertical gardening efficiency

@ezeng, @chunminz


An Omnidirectional Electric Skateboard

@aadulla, @rdhesika, @mdesoto, @cseiler

Drone Pal

Drones: Man's best friend

@kaiwenw1, @jgmiller, @nikolasg, @aykilinc, @diegom

Harry Potter Duel...IRL!

A real life 1v1 wizard duel in which players chant incantations and motion their wands to fire spells at their opponents

@arkar1, @agarcias, @clairec1, @lmoiseye

Smart MIDI Music Controller

An all-in-one music creation device for real-time performances

@jbdurham, @sayanc

Light It Up

Get mesmerized by dancing lights controllable by MIDI

@echen2, @rsli, @deanyons, @bridgett


Robots that play tag autonomously

@shelleyk, @atulr, @wanyic, @aassefa, @agbhat

Robot Opponent Air Hockey

Classic Air Hockey Table with Robot as Opponent

@vthallam, @junwonc, @yyue1, @hojunb, @ashek

The Real Megatron

Omni-Wheel robot that runs preprogrammed football routes to catch a thrown pass

@jpbelard, @ncalzola, @lbarhai, @albyrnes

Heart Detective

Detecting the previously undetectable

@anc1, @evelynk, @janetli, @wenxincu, @kalvinc

Bearing Blaster

Are you on a buggy team? Do your hands ache from cleaning bearings? Fear no more!

@mcornwal, @andrewth, @ehusted

Haze Bubble Machine

the quick brown fox jumped over the haze bubbles and the lazy dog

@cassandc, @jtraiger, @auy

Multi-Terrain Electric wheelchair

A low-cost electric wheelchair to empower handicapped individuals in developing areas.

@rjwallac, @jacheng, @vrajmoha, @rkjain, @ngandhi


Are you too lazy to get off your couch to play video games?

@melhag, @catavera, @janyanti, @thomasa1

Air Horn Orchestra

Like fine arrangements of music? Want to bring them into the world for EVERYONE to hear? We've got you covered.



A VR and motion sim project that will have people *really* flying like Iron Man.

@ranil, @tlaroia, @ryanc1, @sdamashe, @davidx

Escaped Chicken

A robot that slips past your clutches

@zhichul, @yxuan

I am Mario

You controlled him earlier....... Now you will be 'him'

@rmuthaiy, @naveenl

Gimme the Lamp

Have you ever woken up groggy or feeling unsatisfied from last night’s terrible nap? Well, your sleepless nights will di

@ksangam, @amitnag, @ssk2, @jessec1, @raymondx

Buggy collision Avoidance

Seeking to make a buggy able to detect and avoid other buggies using sensors

@tiffany2, @dtom


R2D2 Drink Delivery Service

@rkudtar1, @vnbhatia, @rzh1, @abhaa

Fish Feeder 2

We want to feed hungry fish 🐟


VR Game

Make your VR experience even more real!

@eujingc, @zexuano, @ckho, @myou

LED Light Wall

Array of LED strips controlled by Rasberry Pi, which can display the time, act as alarm clock, or show the weather.

@astanesc, @nsaizan

Automated Silk Screener

a DIY silk screening device allowing for consistent reproduction for the at home maker

@jbgoldst, @sarikab

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

A physical instantiation of the computer game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

@wnace, @jluo3, @jasonx, @sprasad1, @msjohnso

Project Cerebro™

Hyper-realistic flight simulation using galvanic vestibular stimulation

@mcli, @jaewoonc, @avsethur, @tscherli

Surf's up

Ever been so sad because there's no waves in Pittsburgh? Don't worry we got the machine for you.



A Secure Version of the Enigma Machine

@mlaurenc, @wching, @eblesswi, @alisac