Turner Van Jug

Always wanted to be able to paint but never had Van Gogh's painting technique? Muscle contraction is all you need.

@wmbrooks, @ttinley, @gmagendz, @evelge, @rgess

Delivery Drone

A Drone that takes a waypoint and autonomously flies to it

@zeyih1, @cggonzal

Eye In The Sky

Swarm Convergence and Tracking: Autonomous Vehicles which optimize path to target based on real time video analysis

@danielco, @vgbhat

TARTAN (Telemetry Assisted Return Through Autonomous Navigation)

System that can be installed in RC aircraft to allow for full autopilot & autonomous Return To Home (RTH) functionality.

@tcbates, @bmekonne, @amberger, @astrasse

Swarm Drones to Fight Forest Fire

A system for forest fire prevention

@yaoj, @nanxil1, @xujinl

Space Fountain

A supportless alternative to the space elevator

@denisey, @akong


Ever had to hold onto waster for longer than 10 minutes? Is it because you couldn't find a trash can? Enter the Dum.py

@emiandri, @wwchen, @tdardia, @tmleong


Explore a dynamic, interactive art experience; use your body position to create your own masterpiece!

@gmoyer, @cyoustra, @akager, @jasoncha


End to end music synthesis system

@jl5, @peterw1

Buddy In The Sky

Your Personal Drone Companion

@aconduff, @johnmart, @jeanpaun

Mr. Clean

It's a dark and dirty world -- protect your shoes

@keyingw, @stevenwu, @emai, @carolinl

8d audio irl

imagine if you could see music..without drugs? sound crazy? little women are making it a reality; welcome to the future!

@sjying, @maez, @daggarwa, @ipdong, @ritaz

Power Glove

Hands-on hands-free computer peripherals

@cnl2, @jkoch, @elu2, @bwood, @sjlau

Joker: The Robotic Card Sorter

Why waste time sorting cards when you can get a robot to do it for you

@jgkerr, @jbwood, @jacheng

Project Mapped Smart Home

Augmented reality by mapping attention to physical space

@efinnera, @gltang


A ping pong ball launcher that's the best beer pong player in the world!

@bcwang, @rngo


A case for the phone with wheels that it can control.

@cmwalker, @lgeng

Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponics System

Building a Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics system to grow plants indoors

@sding2, @mliou, @chuynh, @jaolsen, @sshirrif

Pin baller

A motion sensor pinball machine using hands

@nstefano, @sophiali, @estoney, @ajeng

Wheel Heater

Develop an automatic wheel heater for cast elastomer polyurethane wheels

@jagu, @szzhang, @icv, @tinghuah, @jsterank

Nerd Home

A DIY smart home system that is easy to incorporate into any home.

@nikolasg, @aykilinc, @diegom

Delivery bot

A bot that will deliver things to you on your request!

@xinyuwa3, @sdchua, @xinyil1, @estherj

Is Hunt Library Full?

We hate walking all the way to Hunt just to find that it's packed. You probably do as well. Let's change that.

@abellomo, @iej, @nravi, @dsanmigu

ASL Robotic Hand

A robotic hand that can translate speech into sign language

@avesco, @svtam, @jrlew, @sroongta

Project Icarus

Become a bird using virtual reality

@bjwu, @kacoba, @gtchuang, @pingyac, @jnnguyen

Comprehensively Comprehending Comprehension

Analyzing visual cues of interest and understanding to optimize and individually tailor learning experiences.

@ananyab, @jnamgung, @wzhao3, @sgetz


A balancing bot that follows you around and carries your things

@hcoffin, @ericat1, @lmo, @nflowers


Personal, desktop robot powered by a Jetson Nano

@ppwilson, @sir

Mark Succerberg

A plant that finds the sun so you only have to worry about watering it

@cli4, @oaramire, @hliou, @nlamprin, @jlenney


A medical robot that can administer CPR and has a defilibrator.

@hyunjunb, @jdstepp, @mimamura, @jtw2, @wanyic

Gesturing Synchronous Robotic Arms

Who doesn't need an extra pair of hands?

@jcorona, @ewenger

Baba is You For Real

Recreating the game "Baba is You" as a physical game

@jtraiger, @cassandc, @auy


DevLight intends to decrease the inequity in safety of the general population in developing countries

@fandujar, @josegarc, @arojas2, @shreyara

Rocket Shoes!

Tired of walking and other existing modes of transportation? Here's another one that's located in your shoes..

@lchilamk, @vvortega, @ebarake, @vluu, @utran

Wireless Luggage Follower

The luggage is wirelessly connected to a user's phone, and follows the user without the need to push it

@scleong, @chaoli2

Animation Game

Live animation using wands!

@jessec1, @ndiamant, @seungyul, @ksangam, @raymondx


Do you want three hands? Here's your third one?

@cudompan, @janicel2, @jak2


robots that can move around

@bpek, @mmx

Build sk18

This skateboard lights up differently depending on how hard you kick and push.

@aavondet, @iwl


2-in-1 projector and camera that extends your desktop with interactive hand gestures to read and write documents.

@ramgopav, @kwang2, @vedantp, @yyue1, @ashek

Photogenic Mirror

From now, taking an easy and desirable full body selfie is no longer a dream!

@zhenxinz, @hfei, @mcwu, @yizhao2

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

A knocking detection device that frees up your attention and helps the hearing impaired know someone’s at the door.

@hyuh, @epena, @schu2, @yuqizhou


meow? meow. purr purr

@aassefa, @takshshg, @achang2


Alexa will follow you like a hungry, sad pupper.

@jhsu2, @tareks, @jshuang, @swyu, @jyli1


Visualize and interactively explore your thoughts in virtual reality while wearing the custom-built Pæthos headset.

@carmenda, @jacobdil, @grasskin, @nmamoon


A network adapter for TI-84's that gives them wireless communication capabilities

@aqd, @cchima, @sbernal, @iie

Self Aligning Dart Board

Dart board moves so you get a bullseye every time

@rkinsell, @borgera, @albyrnes, @ncalzola

Self Solving Rubik Cube

Tired of solving Rubik Cube? Our model automatically solves itself quickly and efficiently.

@nsathish, @mkumaras, @nnanjaya

Drum N

Don't know what note you're playing. This drum will tells you what note you're playing so you don't have to guess.

@djge, @karenson, @echuei, @jhchen2


🔥🔥🔥 Draw mathematical representations in 3D using a LED cube.

@gdl2, @dchwang, @xuanyel


A tool to create synthesizable hardware designs from Python code for rapid prototyping and more optimized performance

@aadulla, @rdhesika

WHAC (We Have A Car)

An indoor navigation robot that uses SLAM and LIDAR to plan a path through a known environment

@mdesoto, @rjwallac, @sgirdhar, @ngandhi, @rkjain


No need for a scanner when your notes are automatically transferred to your computer

@jwli2, @ggoran, @asgovind, @asanders, @sangbums

Crowd Density Monitoring Vehicle

Tethered drone for persistent aerial monitoring of crowd density

@bwgraham, @odwang, @ziyizuo, @jiachenx


A modular robot that can re-form to maneuver over any terrain.

@gxgao, @ntalvare, @osavkur, @edwardli, @kjnewman


/r/place allowed a million users to make their mark on a million pixel online canvas. What if the canvas was real?

@rexk, @achekuri, @davidcoo, @arvinw, @ethanchu

Responsive Textile

Responsive visual experiences in clothing

@lmedina, @gferrant

Dancing through Light

Have you ever seen the lights change during a musical number? Well now, it's automated and portable.

@sfalkows, @anag


A self-driving car capable of driving around CMU's campus

@jefftan, @rdudhagr

Morning Coffee

Imagine waking up to the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee



Solar Aerial Unmanned Stereo Autonomous Ground Evasion is an aircraft that lets a computer enjoy the miracle of flight.

@akilicco, @ebourcar

Hagrid's Dark Fantasy

Hagrid's back, and he's locked in Wean

@mcli, @avsethur, @alicel, @tscherli

Wheel Tester

We are developing a partially-automated wheel tester with built-in data analytics to test wheel quality.

@vzw, @eharllee, @rdhuang, @lechend, @bbauer1

Hogwarts Duel Tournaments

Harry Potter fantasies come to life through the synergistic combination of both hardware and software.

@devanka, @dongkyuk, @alexx, @ykallel

Sight Text

What if you recently went deaf and didn't know how to read lips? We can help you "hear" people in real time!

@shayang, @amilford

Dynamic Room Correction

Smart speakers that calibrates itself according to its surroundings, providing optimal audio regardless of its location.

@epalaz, @ryano

RC Solar Tractor

Rising gas prices? No time to stop to fill up? No worries! We've got the perfect solar-powered remedy for you!

@mgoli, @kpshah, @spandans


Efficient letter-by-letter printing of Braille characters

@ishaang, @ranil, @tlaroia

Blind Long Jumper Guide

A headband that uses vibrations to notify visually disabled long jumpers when they are off path.

@aadeoye, @dkhannan, @varunnar, @jkiefel

Build a Bot

Quickly test and build robot with modular parts.

@cdgu, @dtom

Sound and Lights

Sound activated lights! Clap to make lights change color or input MIDI to make a light show

@reckert, @bridgett

Untitled Steam Powered Goose Robot

Goose robot that bothers you when you're trying to do work and shits on your laptop

@ibhuiyan, @kfrey, @fbasit, @lmplotte, @rhsin

4 Wheels Robot

Virtually connected single wheel robots in a set of four. Let's see what can be empowered by teamwork of wheels.

@jialeil, @fyan1

Cook It

An automatic cooker and meal prepping oven

@cppierce, @stayal, @wmarango, @lstamble


A device that can write whatever you want, imitating your own handwriting style

@smotwan2, @atulr, @nng, @yutian, @agbhat


Feeling lonely? Play a game of checkers against Otto, the autonomous checker playing robot!

@mtrivedi, @eeschnei, @jafinn