Have you ever needed an extra hand? Well, you are in luck! Now its within reach!

@rashik, @ckasuba

Liberty Circuits

Freeform circuits look really neat. We intend to use this project to explore some interesting designs!

@wnace, @jnee, @odwang, @theresec

Deadly Signal

Coloring inside the lines just got a lot more complex. or easier? stay tuned!

@vasudhas, @ssrinidh, @mvkashya, @anushka2, @rmuralin


With the advent of cooking robots and the pandemic, what better way to have socially distanced meals than with BagelBot?

@kerenh, @ahzhao, @mcrotty


An Arduino Pacing Car to help runners stay on track to their goal pace.

@jhchen2, @echuei, @karenson

Robotic Bartender

Are you missing your favorite mixed drinks but completely lost on how to make them? We have the perfect robot for you!

@nsivakum, @jrlew, @sroongta, @svtam, @avesco

LED Paintbrush

Paint a picture in the air with a brush made of LEDs!

@ryano, @bhung


Play foosball with no friends!

@edwardli, @kjnewman, @osavkur, @ntalvare, @gxgao, @gsfan


It's a beach cleanup robot!

@agbhat, @cseiler, @vluu, @spandans


Autonomous Robot Firefighter

@rastentz, @ishaang, @ranil, @tlaroia

Doom Over Oscilloscope Monitor

People play doom on everything, why not on oscilloscopes?

@jdropkin, @alicel, @ziyizuo, @jnnguyen, @bwgraham


We are building a robot that can balance on a ball!

@denisey, @xinyuwa3, @paganza

Cool Poster! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

is your love language words of affirmation? then the little women are here to show you a little love <3

@ritaz, @tinghuah, @ipdong, @daggarwa, @maez, @sjying

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

How do you hang a painting level on the wall? You don't. jk. Use our device! Fun (and safe) lasers!

@astrasse, @tcbates, @pnaseck