Smart Exit Signs

Exit signs that intelligently redirect traffic during an emergency evacuation

@jfeldgoi, @hgronlun, @jstrieb, @vojha


A Python programmable calculator



Ever wanted to play chess with an AI but also wanted a physical board? We got you covered!

@jtsaw, @elucero, @rbao, @youngwo1

Autonomous RC Car

Join us for a legal street racing :D

@siliangl, @zhichul

Network Display Panel

Watch messages travel between computers in this portable network


Raindrop, Droptop

Using water as an art medium

@asekar, @she2, @kbanh, @gshandar, @sandraj

Awesome Autonomous Drone

Race Drone? Check. Automous Drone? Check.

@cggonzal, @ddeangul, @yaoj

Gesture Drone

The next generation of easy-control drone

@ruixuanl, @hengruiz, @zheyaoz, @jzou1

Light Detection Rollercoaster

A roller coaster that runs on light!

@yoojinl, @yiyangg, @eunicec1

Rotary CNC Milling Machine

A low-budget but fully functional CNC milling machine... with a twist.

@mmartone, @azz

Musical Tesla Coil

Musical Tesla Coil singing with the beautiful sounds of ECE

@nikolasg, @lkojiro, @eug

Caliper Clock

Measuring time precisely

@ebbarret, @dquan, @agarcias


A piano that can play any piece of sheet music by itself.

@tstentz, @oweiss, @rastentz, @ishaang

Fish Feeder

We want to feed hungry fish 🐟

@agotsis, @epnewman

The Helping Hand

The helping hand you always needed.

@mbsherma, @jcouncil, @ncn, @eeschnei, @hweigle

One Nightstand

A bedside table with everything you could dream of.

@zkearney, @jsafer, @ryanauld

Project PLAID: Target Detection System

Autonomous camera processing system to detect ground targets during high powered rocket launches

@mmessers, @skaashya, @faristiz

Automated Garden

A smart garden is all you need to survive (off the grid)

@searly, @chunminz, @bhlee, @ezeng, @eazheng


The ultimate couch potato tool... as long as you refill it occasionally

@mcli, @jemedina, @smontiel, @jshayes

Automatic Sheet Music Turner

An automatic page tuner for musicians

@kcu, @ablackwo

AutoMailman - An Aerial Payload Delivery System

Our solution to the last mile delivery problem - autonomous drones that deliver a package right to your door.

@jbwood, @lsnow

Backpack Charger

Imagine never having to worry about finding the nearest outlet!

@madelynl, @vekhlas, @slohier, @eisonc, @jimola

Phased Array Radar

It's like sonar, but with radar!

@swestenb, @dgronlun

Hagrid's Wild Ride™

Virtual Reality Quidditch using a spring-based free motion haptic rig

@tscherli, @avsethur, @ashek, @ywu5


Reimplementing an Atari 2600 (VCS) on an FPGA

@fseidel, @jocelynh, @asfeldma

V.O.I.D - Virtual Operated Intelligent Dorm

You won't even realize it's there ...

@slade, @leonc


Will be determined later.

@mpamin, @karenjoh, @pbannai, @sasikalm, @afmeyer


Tele-operated versus autonomous robot

@jaeeunl, @bwarwick, @xiaoruil, @acedillo, @camin


make a mind reading video game.



Tanks .... but really tho

@rselagam, @sungjunh, @arij, @souravp, @dzy

Running BPM Tracker


@emmaliu, @zexiy, @kkozlows

The Deep Copy

You see it..., you want it..., you scan it..., we print it... in 3D.

@cfulton1, @lld, @dtoussai, @aattipoe, @oadubor


No talking allowed here

@ozz, @mskubala

I am Someone Else

A wearable that changes the way people sound

@haowensh, @yuyans, @bangyanc, @yishanz

BP Bot

Beverage pong playing robot

@wfan, @shanelh, @avictori, @cjye


lumineScence will discipline your bedtime, sleep schedule, and wake up time based on personal preferences.

@nalinij, @aarushiw

seeing-Eye hand

What if you never had to take notes for a class ever again...

@mjaffer, @pkwang, @evalinej

Page Turning Scanner

Given a book, the scanner will scan a page, flip the page, and repeat until the entire book has been digitized.

@odelen, @knosurna, @oka, @jhewitt

Telepresence Poker

Play poker with your friends, no matter where they are on the globe.

@abhinans, @bschmuck, @amolakn, @swadwani

Mechanical Dog

Real Dogs Die, Our Dog Dances

@mklein, @caguilar, @albyrnes


Building a miniature gravitational wave detector

@ovg, @halmouba, @ajzhai, @alisac, @amani

MarkOff Processor

An autonomous robot to erase whiteboards

@tpina, @msjohnso, @bney, @jasonx, @arudich

holo picto

an editable hologram projection

@cdgu, @qianyic, @ahebbar, @dtom, @dpratyus

Track-o-matic 🚌 📺⌚

It's a bus tracker but retro

@tchiang, @apnayak, @szz, @ekusuma

Flywheel energy storage prototype

How to make a better battery


Smart Curtains

Smart curtains are the future.

@swyu, @agao

Tactile steering wheel

A steering wheel that gives direction through touch

@fbasit, @lmplotte, @rcleavel, @melhag, @kanjur

Angry Wall Birds

Angry birds...but on the wall!

@shenghah, @ayu1, @munsungk, @youngchk

Electricity Generating Footwear

You can produce electricity by just walking!

@zhengx, @ruohaig, @xingshew, @jiamengd, @zhendony

RamenX - The Automated Ramen Maker

The future of college dormitory cuisine

@jyli1, @jhsu2, @jshuang, @tsahyoun, @mwang5

Nemo Touched the Butt

Robotic Nemo swims through a maze to get to a boat

@jessicay, @jigbokwe, @jandah


Music Visualizer for the home of the future!

@vincentl, @mdeng

AR Yi-Gi-Oh

Kattobingu your friend in real life


Draw Booth

You know those photo booth things people go to with their friends? What if it drew the picture instead?? :O

@jbgoldst, @hfbaker, @pzubiri, @eescando

P2P Network API

Making peer-to-peer networking simple

@tjjohans, @stroucki


Who wouldn't like to know the weather and the time while they're washing their teeth?

@amarkelo, @aykilinc, @jgmiller, @diegom, @kaiwenw1

Wall - E

Building Life Size Version of Wall -E

@krcarter, @iem, @saclark

Auto-Bullseye Pong

Making a table that uses cameras to position a cup to catch a ball.

@abenno, @hmuthaka, @jasonm2, @wilsonzhao, @pnv

I've Got You in My Sights

A smart camera that tracks people


Auto Cat Feeder

Feed cats. Automatically.

@meribyte, @egarbade, @eeb

Mallow Shot

Advanced computer vision turret with marshmallows.

@lmetro, @rrudolph

Pretti Spinni Boi ShineMaster™

Pretty pretti, pretty spinni, 100% ShineMaster™

@aperley, @jchernak, @aakent, @cvsmith, @eporat


Pittsburgh wasn't built in one night

@descando, @ryano

Pokemon Hunting

Find Pikachu and maybe other pokemon with radios

@jlareau, @apinson


We will be constructing our own synthesizer

@careed, @mmckinzi, @jertman

EV Charger Adaptor

Enable easy, portable, electric car charging!


Whiteboard Printer

Robot that will print out your work onto a whiteboard

@hyallapa, @dennisya, @dzeng, @ericchan, @gclu

Smart Hamper

We want to create a hamper that has smart features built into it to make doing laundry a bit easier

@mmwagner, @zpm, @ppetraki

Discrete Tic-Tac-Toe

The quintessential game of strategy represented in its logical minimum

@raghuv, @krv, @sladuca, @jsgarcia, @ayli1

First Person Space Invaders

Because MinesweepAR wasn't hard enough.

@vasua, @relong, @efang, @cli4, @hliou

Electric Longboard

Building a powerful electric longboard from first principles

@mbankole, @sgamboa, @xinzed, @jkonopka, @dpallerl

Third Person in Real Life (TPiRL)

Have you ever experienced third person in real life? Now you can!

@vcommuri, @jaewoonc, @emaburi

Flipbook Drawing Machine (formerly Grain-sketching Machine)

Flip through reality with our electromechanical drawing machine!

@foropeza, @vgadh, @arako, @jaburns, @qingyuaw

Mixed Reality: Candy Land

Transforming your world into Candy Land using VR

@emy, @eosofsky

Pacman IRL

Pacman in real life!

@odeng, @atyang, @habaker, @mghuang, @jgkerr

Interactive Visuals

Use your hands to create and shape 2D graphics


Smartphone Controlled R/C Car

Control a R/C car with your phone!

@vthallam, @vbaskar, @aragura1


An easy way for a crowd to suggest, play, and control the music over a network.

@wjmitche, @ecompton, @jmoore1, @egoebel, @jkalapos

Sight to Sound Glasses

Glasses that convert visual greyscale data into sound, to help blind people see with sound.

@xguan, @jl5, @blairc, @ramgopav, @wz2

Touchscreen table

Turning any surface into a touchscreen by using a projector, a camera, and contact microphones

@rishubj, @ildook, @varunsha, @ibiala


In need of inspiration? Press a button to make a cocktail of your choice. No fuss and no cleaning!

@ckho, @myou, @eujingc, @zexuano, @nleonzhi

A Doll's Glove

Sensor glove driven puppet

@fyan1, @qingyid, @xinrany, @ziyuez

Apple VR

Play VR games on Iphone

@lmoiseye, @imercier, @kdramos, @jpspence, @apagliuc


An engineered solution to a fun night out

@clairec1, @judyz, @maxinek, @mbossard, @arkar1

Automatic Can Organizer

This conveyor systems easily allows cans and other grocery items to be stored into shelves!

@apa, @sgeorges, @madelin1, @emartell

Marble Xylophone

Play all the modern pop hits on the modern sounds of a xylophone

@dsaha, @mbartnof, @philsmit

The perfect stapler

Imagine the most perfect stapler in the world ..... the possibilities ......


Diego Diego Revolution

Shoes to Dance Dance Revolution Your Heart Out

@jlenney, @akalaba, @oaramire, @repouhe, @darodrig

Recorder Robot

Do you like recorders? Have you ever played the robots? Do you have a special friend? Look fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

@acpatel, @jpleung, @jharrima, @demorale, @esargent

Smart Screen System

A smart network of interactive digital displays embedded with sensors

@ruiyuans, @jbdurham, @arnavm

Robotic Selfie Arm

A selfie stick that does more than just be a selfie stick.

@hardiks1, @ruppal

Goal Line Technology

Automated Goal Detection for Quidditch Hoops

@cselby, @dbrych

Karaoke Machine

To show off your inner Adele.

@yongjina, @ziyux, @dbang, @htammine


A bird-like flying machine

@mlipari, @cowarang, @amosaed, @fpaulino

Sun-Tracking Solar Panel

Solar panel that orients itself towards the sun

@tjshah, @kjchin, @nprakas1, @ceq, @fandujar

Pac-Man Maze

Real Life Pac-Man Maze

@ndomingo, @mkyin, @amacias

Keychain Gameboy

Scratch built emulation of Gameboy in an adorable form factor

@eblesswi, @mlaurenc, @jbfields

A Buggy Time

Want to push objects up hills and time yourself doing it? We got you covered.

@ronitb, @jameszha, @kdevince, @boyaoy


An Augmented Reality platform to parse text and other information in your environment.

@abaweja, @peterw1, @justinj1

Robobuggy: WiFi Network for Communication and Real-time Telemetry

Real-time telemetry, video stream, and remote controller command between a robotic buggy and the base station

@vrbahl, @abhaa, @tiffany2, @agirish, @mayankj

Little Dipper

Personalized colored candles!

@vaidehis, @aarohip, @ericat1

Just Heat It

Dance to keep your microwave working

@iwl, @awlin1

"Magic" Card Shuffler

Hack the card shuffler to give the exact deck you want!

@rjaising, @sgatuku, @kgugle


GunAR is an interactive multiplayer game that brings laser tag from the arena to you! The arena beckons!

@bpek, @tkanchar, @evannw, @mkronove, @alexl3

Shake 'n Wake

A bed that shakes you to wake you up in the morning as an alternative to an alarm clock

@jtunis, @showard, @vmitta

Quadcopter Person Surveillance

A Quadcopter that silently tracks a given person.



Soccer, Only you're KicKing around an Evasive Robot

@aquinn, @jafinn, @sir, @sydneyb

Bomb lab 2.0

There's a bomb and a manual, how hard could it be.

@echen2, @rsli, @bridgett, @deanyons, @reedc


Experience the true drama and adrenaline of survival as you fly through narrow gaps in immersive first person VR

@randaya, @mzc, @efrainb, @amilford, @sdscott


Are you tired of how overcrowded the gym is at CMU? What if you knew the best time to go?

@mphelan1, @kvenkate, @jboudrea

CAN Bike

The power of a motor scooter meets the portablity of a bicycle

@bvyates, @mbankole

Dance Dance Revolution

"So you think you can dance?"

@ikoramba, @cou, @suannc, @ethrashe, @kdave

Rangoli Machine

Those colored sand pictures are nice, but don't they take forever to make?

@wnace, @rsurana, @yongyiz, @isinha

drawing app with peripherals

we are making the worlds next best drawing app with peripherals.

@lbo, @cburgess

ECE Signage Board

Providing easily updatable signage in front of major ECE classrooms.

@robertd1, @skesari

Power Table

Never worry about charging again, as every surface is your personal charger

@rbezbaru, @htran, @spersau1

The G.lock

Automated smart doorman system

@cio, @oalhait, @josei, @cdbright, @mswain