the little women car

Created on 19 Oct 2021

self driving car for our children

take an electric toy car, then make it self-driving (so that way our kids never get into accidents!) [link to documentation] (


Rita Zhang


Tinghua Hsu


Iris Dong


Divya Aggarwal

Part Cost Quantity Total
wood $18.78 1 $18.78
Marine Grade 12"x24" 3/8"
toy car $179.99 1 $179.99
TOBBI 12V Powerful Kids Ride-On SUV
distance sensor $3.95 6 $23.70
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - HC-SR04
arduino battery pack $5.98 1 $5.98
BlastCase 4xAA Battery Holder to DC Barrel Jack Connector for Arduino
rubber strips $11.99 1 $11.99
Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Solid Rubber Sheets, Rolls & Strips for DIY Gaskets, Crafts, Pads, Flooring,
encoder motor $15.99 2 $31.98
Encoder Metal Gearmotor 12V DC High Speed 600RPM Gear Motor with Encoder for Robotics
dc motor driver $9.29 2 $18.58
Qunqi 2Packs L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Module Dual H Bridge DC Stepper For Arduino
oak rod $0.98 1 $0.98
1/4" diameter, 36" length
Project Totals: 15 $291.98
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $8.02
Rita Zhang 01 Feb 2022, 10:37 a.m. EST
first day was yesterday! we opened the remote and figured out how we can control it via arduino. we also tested the ultrasonic sensors with the arduino.
Divya Aggarwal 02 Feb 2022, 9:53 p.m. EST
on our second day, we took the car out on the road for the first time. we connected wires from the remote to the arduino in place of the current switch and got the car move with those wires.
Divya Aggarwal 02 Feb 2022, 9:57 p.m. EST
third day! we combined ultrasonic code that we wrote with the switch code to turn the power on the car on only when the ultrasonic sensor detected something more than 20cm away.