buddybots (take 2)

Created on 18 Oct 2021

robots that can move around

hello. thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the project description for buddybots. we hope that you don't find it a waste of your time. we will now proceed to explain what buddybots are. buddybots will be friendly little robots that follow you around. they will also talk to each other to make sure they don't bump in to each other while they follow you around. thanks for reading and we hope you have a nice day. p.s. if you like buzzwords, here are a few: buddybots will be (relatively) low-cost robots communicating with each other through the ultra wideband frequency. the unique value proposition of uwb is that, in addition to transfer of data, uwb-equipped devices are capable of multilateration through the use of time-of-flight calculations, simplifying the implementation of things such as swarm robotics and self-driving car networks. in this project, we plan on implementing trilateration with stationary beacons, then adding the ability to move to a specific point in space, and then finally adding communication ability between robots to avoid interference (likely through a simple control system to minimize distance between the destination point and the robot's position, but also to maximize distance between other robots). application of buddybots could include uses in search-and-rescue operations in areas with limited GPS capability. take 2 because the parts never came for take 1 :’(


Mason Xiao


Anish Singhani


Hannah He

Part Cost Quantity Total
DWM3000 UWB module $15.63 7 $109.41
For localizing the robots
Debug Cable $39.00 1 $39.00
For debugging microcontroller
DIN connectors $1.57 5 $7.85
For connecting to the roombas
USB-UART module $7.95 3 $23.85
For interfacing with the roombas at 5V
Buck converter $14.99 1 $14.99
Powering raspberry pi from the roomba batteries
Adafruit wishlist $103.60 1 $103.60
Electronic components for control and sensing on the robots
Roomba + Raspberry Pi $0.00 0 $0.00
Salvaged robot drivebases (already owned, no need to buy)
Project Totals: 18 $298.70
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $1.30
Mason Xiao 22 Nov 2021, 3:24 a.m. EST