Liberty Circuits

Created on 13 Nov 2020

Freeform circuits look really neat. We intend to use this project to explore some interesting designs!

We hope to build some really cool freeform circuits. We intend to start by building something simple, like ornaments with simple surface mount LEDs. Next, we will try to either build something connected to the FPGA -- lots of NeoPixels driven by the GPIO pins on the DE0-CV board, perhaps some through-hole LEDs and 7-segment displays, or build a more complex circuit -- something like the NeoPixel ball. This will require lots more in the way of 3d printed jigs.


Bill Nace


Jonathan Nee


Oliver Wang


Therese Chan

Part Cost Quantity Total
Project Totals: 0 $0
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $300.00