ASL Robotic Hand

Created on 13 Oct 2019

A robotic hand that can translate speech into sign language

We want to create a robotic hand that can simulate the sign language alphabet as well as other simple one handed signs. This hand will be able to listen to voice command and sign based on these voice commands. We will also have a software component that will translate English into sign language and vice versa.


Nihal Sivakumar


Jessica Lew


Sakshi Roongta


Stephanie Tam


Abby Vesco

Part Cost Quantity Total
Leap Motion Controller $89.95 1 $89.95
Hardware sensor device that supports hand and finger motions as input
Stepper Motor $14.00 1 $14.00
For twisting the wrist
Stepper Motor Driver $19.95 1 $19.95
For controlling the stepper motors
3D Printing Budget $150.00 1 $150.00
For building the hand's exoskeleton
Compression Spring $10.77 1 $10.77
For controlling finger movement
Torsional Springs $4.63 2 $9.26
For controlling finger movement
Servo Motor Driver $17.50 1 $17.50
For controlling the servo motors
Stepper Motor $39.95 1 $39.95
For rotating the wrist
Micro SD card $19.49 1 $19.49
For the Jetson Nano
Microphone $19.90 1 $19.90
For taking in speech for translation to ASL
Micro servo $5.95 7 $41.65
Servo motors to control mechanism
LCD screen $14.02 1 $14.02
LCD screen to display text
Fishing line/string (8lb 110yd) $6.19 1 $6.19
For controlling the movement of the fingers with the motors
Project Totals: 20 $452.63
Track 2 Base Budget: $500.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $47.37