Created on 09 Oct 2018

Robots that play tag autonomously

We will build three robots and program them to play tag autonomously in a certain confined space. One of the robots will be "it," and its goal will be to tag one of the other two robots and make them "it" while the other two robots try to run away. The robots will navigate using stellar navigation by means of computer vision.


Anoop Bhat


Annie Chen


Amen Assefa


Atul Raghunathan


Shelley Kim

Part Cost Quantity Total
ELEGOO Electronics Component Pack with resistors, LEDs, Switch... $6.86 1 $6.86
Basic electronics components
Dovewill 12 Pieces Mini Assorted Color Knitting Wool Yarn Hats for DIY $3.53 1 $3.53
Mini hats to make our robots the most swagalicious robots in town
Rubber Wheel $1.68 8 $13.44
1-5/8" D Rubber wheels (7/32" axle diameter)
6061 Aluminum $1.31 1 $1.31
Aluminum shaft with 6mm diameter and 3ft length
Set Screw Shaft Coupling $2.93 6 $17.58
6mm Diameter Coupler
Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet $8.31 3 $24.93
Acrylic (R, G, B, 1sqft each)
Marine-Grade Plywood Sheet $8.34 2 $16.68
Marine-Grade Plywood Sheet
USB Male Port Connector, Conwork 10-Pack Straight Jack Solder USB... $6.99 1 $6.99
10 Pack of USB Male Connectors
Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.3 Camera Pack $44.95 3 $134.85
Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.3 Camera Pack
ELEGOO 5V Stepper motor with driver board for arduino $13.99 2 $27.98
5-pack of motors and driver boards
Ball Transfer Units KangTeer 5pcs Screw Mounted Round Ball Bearings... $8.99 1 $8.99
Set of 5 caster wheels
Ultra-Slim Ultra-Portable Ultra-Safe 2500mAh Wallet Pocket Power Card $11.99 3 $35.97
Battery pack for motors and Raspberry Pis
Project Totals: 32 $299.11
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $0.89