Baggel Yeeter

Created on 09 Nov 2021

An automatic bagel maker and yeeter. Slices, toasts, and (for social distancing) yeets the bagel to desired recipient.

Have you ever struggled? To toast your bagel has never been an easy feat, but the Baggel Yeeter will do all of this and more! Once you input a bagel, it will automatically toast the bagel, then it will use CV to take aim and yeet the two halves at you. Contact us at 5746-5414-40-900-BOAT


Annie Chen


Tanner Aikens


Juno Hoffman


J.C. Yordy


Belle Blanchard

Part Cost Quantity Total
Toaster $14.96 1 $14.96
A toaster is essential for the complete bagel experience.
Servo Horn $9.49 1 $9.49
Helps mount items onto servos that we have.
Googly eyes $6.29 1 $6.29
How else will it see?
Motor driver shield $6.19 1 $6.19
Control the spin and thus the yeetage.
Rotary Shaft $18.98 1 $18.98
Connect colinear spinning things so they spin together
Roller Chain Attachment Link $2.80 3 $8.40
Stick things to chain.
20mm 80/20 Extruded Aluminum (8 feet) $23.49 2 $46.98
80/20 will provide the critical support structure of this marvelous device.
Bagel Cutter $16.49 1 $16.49
Vibrating serrated knife cuts bagels with ease.
Bearings $23.70 2 $47.40
ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATE, they spin
Bungee Cords $15.99 1 $15.99
Bungee cords enable appropriate amounts of yeetage.
Lazy Susan $10.99 1 $10.99
Darnit Susan, get off your butt and get a job already. Preferably yeeting bagels.
10 tooth Chain Sprocket $14.31 2 $28.62
Roller Chain Sprocket for ANSI 35 Chain, 10 Teeth, for 1/2" Shaft Diameter
Linear Bearing $17.89 2 $35.78
The bagel will yeet along a shaft in a linear path. Like angry birds, but more technical.
Chain $17.80 1 $17.80
Connect non-colinear spinning things so they spin together
12V DC Power Supply $12.99 1 $12.99
Electricity will flow through the veins of this glorious contraption, giving it life.
Project Totals: 21 $297.35
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $2.65