DDR (Dance Dance Robot)

Created on 29 Oct 2021

Want to see a robot dance? Play the hit game DDR(TM) and watch the robot dance to your keystrokes!

We are creating a user interface robot, that can dance based on commands given by a user input. We will also be building the dance pad and the robot's interactive arms. This can be defined as a fun toy for the kids, or can be extended to improving reflexes in a clear way for rehabilitation patients.


Allison Rojas


Shreya Ramesh


Jose Garcia


Lance Yarlott


Aurielle Barnett

Part Cost Quantity Total
Arduino Due $34.25 1 $34.25
Arduino Due for controlling robot
Actuator $6.73 15 $100.95
To control robot arms and legs
Wood $16.98 1 $16.98
building the board
More aluminum $16.88 4 $67.52
building the robot ad the board
LED Lights $25.99 2 $51.98
Lights for the board
L-Shaped bracket $3.50 3 $10.50
building the robot ad the board
Spray Paint $6.98 1 $6.98
Aesthetics for the robot { board
Project Totals: 27 $289.16
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $-39.16