Cook It

Created on 05 Nov 2019

An automatic cooker and meal prepping oven

This is a way to automatically cook food. By plugging into an oven and interacting with mechatronics and a cooking thermometer, Cook It will automatically cook chicken and other foods perfectly.


Lev Stambler


Cooper Pierce


Warwick Marangos


Saral Tayal

Part Cost Quantity Total
Raspberry Pi 4 Kit $77.99 1 $77.99
This will be the core controller for the project.
Arduino Nanos $13.99 1 $13.99
These will control the drivers and the relays
Relays $8.88 1 $8.88
5 relays to control the oven
Video Camera $19.50 1 $19.50
These will monitor the temperature and the object being cooked
Stepper Drivers $13.99 1 $13.99
Drives the Stepper Motors
Pancake Stepper $10.99 3 $32.97
These will turn the knobs of the oven
ThermoPro TP09 Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer $19.99 1 $19.99
This will measure the temperature of the meat
Toaster Oven $58.49 1 $58.49
It is the core of our project and we will be outfitting it with relays and smart circuitry
Project Totals: 10 $245.80
Track 1 Base Budget: $300.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $54.20