Build a Bot

Created on 27 Oct 2019

Quickly test and build robot with modular parts.

Our project is to make testing designs much easier by having a modular design for parts all with a single connector. Each part should be able to know what parts it is connected to and will figure out if the other parts are defective. So each part will act independently.


Candia Gu


Dylan Tom

Part Cost Quantity Total
accelerometer $7.95 2 $15.90
accelerometer to have better idea of orientation
servo $5.95 4 $23.80
servo for small arm, or maybe other usage
microcontroller $11.95 5 $59.75
microcontroller to control each of the independant parts
wood glue $5.41 1 $5.41
glue for the wooden casing for the parts, will buy the wood separate since cheaper from ideate
battery charger $5.95 1 $5.95
to charge the batteries
battery $9.95 5 $49.75
to power each part
camera $39.95 2 $79.90
camera for visual feedback, so other parts can operate off of visual feedback
wheel $2.50 4 $10.00
wheel for movement
small dc motor $3.50 4 $14.00
motor for robot movement
Project Totals: 28 $264.46
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $35.54