Created on 16 Oct 2019

A modular robot that can re-form to maneuver over any terrain.

We want to create a modular robot that can navigate terrain by changing its configuration. It will be able to autonomously detect its environment, detach segments, and modify itself to change its mobility configuration. Each segment will be its own functional robot and will be able to detach, move, and reattach on its own. Each module will use a wifi chip as a microcontroller and communicate with other modules wirelessly. The modules will each have 2 wheels, and they will also each contain a powered universal joint to maximize their adaptability. Additionally, each will have sensors onboard, and the network as a whole will use the combination of all of the sensors for state estimation. Wishlists: CAD: Code:


Edward Li


KJ Newman


Omkar Savkur


Nicholas Alvarez


George Gao

Part Cost Quantity Total
Continuous Rotation Servo $4.46 10 $44.60
Continuous rotation servos to drive wheels, 2 per module
Standard Servo $3.99 15 $59.85
Standard Servos for module movement, 3 per module
Battery $5.95 5 $29.75
350 mah battery, about 10 minutes of power in stall conditions, 1 per module
ESP8266 Wifi Microchip $9.95 6 $59.70
Wifi module/microcontroller for each module, 1 per module
5V Regulator $4.95 5 $24.75
Step up voltage for servos, 1 per module
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - HC-SR04 $3.95 5 $19.75
Distance Sensor, 1 per module
Lipo Charger $5.95 5 $29.75
Chargers for the Lipo batteries
Sparkfun Air Quality Breakout $20.95 1 $20.95
Detects air quality
Serial Cable $9.95 1 $9.95
Wire to program ESP8266 chips over serial
Project Totals: 53 $299.05
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $0.95