Harry Potter Duel...IRL!

Created on 29 Oct 2018

A real life 1v1 wizard duel in which players chant incantations and motion their wands to fire spells at their opponents

This project features an IOT system consisting of two wands, two sensor vests, and a central hub. Spells: The duel game will feature a variety of different spells that deal damage to the opponent, defend against attacks, and much more. Casting a spell involves chanting the correct incantation, making the correct wand motion, and aiming at the opponent. Wands: Each wand uses a 9 DOF IMU to perform the odometry needed to determine the kind of "spell" a player is casting. The wands will have laser pointers in their tip to target the opponent. They will also feature vibration motors for user feedback. Vests: The vests will be dotted with ir sensors, visible light led's, and vibration motors. Each vest will also include a microphone in the lapel to sense voice feedback. Hub: The central hub (likely a raspberry pi or laptop computer) will communicate with the wands and vests over wifi. It will be responsible for coordinating each game instance, keeping track of player stats, and displaying the outcome of each match in real time on a monitor display. Stage: Given enough time, we plan on building out a small "battle stage" on which players will duel. The stage will emit fog using a fog machine in order to have the wand laser light be visible.


Lucas Moiseyev


Claire Chen


Arka Roy


Antonio Garcia-Smith

Part Cost Quantity Total
Phone Vibration Motor $12.99 4 $51.96
Small vibration motors for the vest
Photoresistors $5.90 2 $11.80
detect light from laser
Fog Machine $33.99 1 $33.99
Fog Machine to Enhance Light
2 laser pointers $10.95 1 $10.95
lasers to send light
Coin Cell $0.95 4 $3.80
3V lithium ion coin cell battery
conducting thread $5.95 1 $5.95
sew photoresistors
Electret breakout board $7.95 2 $15.90
Amplifier breakout board with microphone
Electret Microphone $0.95 2 $1.90
Small microphone for vest
Conductive Thread $5.95 1 $5.95
Steel wire for sewing wearable electronics
Raspberry Pi Zero W $10.00 2 $20.00
wifi enabled rpi nano
BNO055 Breakout Board $34.95 2 $69.90
9DOF IMU breakout
FLORA $14.95 2 $29.90
Wearable microcontroller
Particle Photon $19.00 2 $38.00
wifi enabled microcontroller for iot applications
Project Totals: 26 $300.00
Track 1 Base Budget: $300.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $0.00