Automated Garden--Garden Bed "Elevator"

Created on 28 Oct 2018

A garden bed manipulation system to maximize vertical gardening efficiency

During last Build18, we created a 2D CNC gardening system for autonomous watering of a garden bed. But one CNC per garden bed is not most efficient. This Build18, we will implement an "elevator" tower to move our garden bed to and from the CNC set up to a tower of garden beds. This autonomous system will use motorized pulleys to move a conveyor belt vertically, another set of motors to displace the conveyors, and actuating the conveyor itself.


Chun Ming Jeffrey Zhang


Evan Zeng


Vincent Dai


Rachel Reolfi

Part Cost Quantity Total
Zinc-Aluminum-Coated Alloy Steel Socket Head Screw $5.98 1 $5.98
Screws for mounting parts to 80-20
Medium-Strength Steel Nylon-Insert Locknut $4.82 1 $4.82
Class 8, Zinc-Plated, M6 x 1 mm Thread, locknut for mounting parts
Galvanized Steel Hammer-on Hook-Style Lacing $46.38 1 $46.38
Number 1A, 18" Long, pack of 4, for connecting two ends of belt together
Round-Groove Conveyor Roller $17.84 3 $53.52
with 2 Grooves, for 18" Between Frame Width. For conveyor system (1 tensioner + 1 for each end)
Roller Wheel for 30mm and 40mm High Single Rail T-Slotted Framing $10.05 8 $80.40
wheel for moving the conveyor system along direction of travel. 1 pair on each of four corners
Brown Neoprene Rubber Belting $65.40 1 $65.40
Enter 18'' wide, 5 ft long option. for slider-bed Conveyor, 0.06" Thick
Chemical Resistant Round Belt--54 in and 24 in $18.33 2 $36.66
one is 54 in., the other 24 in., clear. part cost is taken as average of two. For power transmission
Project Totals: 17 $293.16
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $6.84