Autonomous Agriculture Drone

Created on 28 Oct 2018

Drone that autonomously sprays crops with water

The aim of this project is to make a drone that will autonomously spray an area defined by using 4 balloon markers. The drone will be controlled using a Raspberry Pi and the sensing of the environment will be done using a camera. The drone will be able to carry 100 mL of water and will only spray water when it is in the area defined by the balloon markers.


Udyaaksh Khera


Jeremy Dropkin


Siddharth Girdhar

Part Cost Quantity Total
PXFMini $78.43 1 $78.43
brain for the drone
Nozzle $17.97 1 $17.97
this will dispense the water for the plants in a controlled manor
Battery $29.88 1 $29.88
battery to power the drone
quadcopter kit $114.95 1 $114.95
this is the general parts required to build the drone
Project Totals: 4 $241.23
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $8.77