Project Monarch

Created on 19 Oct 2018

It's actually birds now oops

Webster's Dictionary defines "butterfly" as "(verb) split (a piece of meat) almost in two and spread it out flat," as well as "(noun) an insect with two pairs of large wings that are covered with tiny scales, usually brightly colored, and typically held erect when at rest. Butterflies fly by day, have clubbed or dilated antennae, and usually feed on nectar." Since before the big-bang or even Neil deGrasse Tyson discovered "time," butterflies have fascinated mankind and various species of bee alike. "You like jazz?" remarked one such bee, in response to a question about whether robotic autonomous butterflies could be created by some college students in 2019. Anyways, we're closing the cycle by copying nature itself to revolutionize and disrupt the uber of aerospace industries via synergistic TechCrunch keynotes located in third-world emerging nations. We are promoting advancement in inter-species pollination efforts that have long stumped scientists, engineers, and Michael's many friends from Seattle. By introducing robotically optimized butter-based organisms, we plan to fully displace Big Pollen and overtake Lockheed Martin and AirHogs as the top-dogs in the aerospace industry.


Michael Li


Tom Scherlis


Advaith Sethuraman


Jae Choi


Elio Bourcart

Part Cost Quantity Total
Batteries $24.99 1 $24.99
2s 300mAh LiPo batteries with JST plugs
nano frsky receiver $6.99 3 $20.97
SBUS-compatible super-tiny radio receiver. Interfaces with MSP430 and radio.
CF Sheet 1.5mm thickness $12.97 1 $12.97
100mmx300mm CF sheet for servo/electronics mounts to fuselage
CF rod 1.5mmx750mm $0.65 4 $2.60
Medium-sized CF rod as a backup for the 1mm or 2mm
Servos $38.00 4 $152.00
Expensive, hall-effect feedback servos for direct wing drive
CF rod 1mmx750mm $1.46 8 $11.68
Thin, flexible CF rod for wing hoops
FPV cam and vTx $22.00 1 $22.00
FPV camera. (Shipping from china...)
CF rod 2mmx750mm $0.50 4 $2.00
thicc rod for Fuselage
Project Totals: 26 $249.21
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $0.79