Buggy collision Avoidance

Created on 19 Oct 2018

Seeking to make a buggy able to detect and avoid other buggies using sensors

Currently our autonomous buggy relies on mostly gps to navigate around the sweepstakes course, limiting the ability to detect the presence of other buggies or obstacles. We want to solve this issue by creating a field of radars around the buggy to identify obstacles and their position, so that we can find the best way to alter our path based upon these obstacles. The goal is then to enable our autonomous buggy to be able to race a non autonomous buggy.


Dylan Tom


Tiffany Yu


Jonathan Duffy

Part Cost Quantity Total
Radar System on a Chip $65.35 3 $196.05
the radar chip that everything else will be built around, processes the radar signals
microcontroller $10.64 3 $31.92
microcontroller to create an interface with the radar chip
Power regulator $4.19 3 $12.57
power regulator for soft boot up of system
ferrite bead $0.18 6 $1.08
to block out high frequency noise
40 Mhz clock $0.96 3 $2.88
clock for parts that need 40Mhz
esd protection $0.57 6 $3.42
electrostatic discarge protection
16 Mhz clock $1.06 3 $3.18
for parts that need 16 Mhz clock
Power regulator $5.75 3 $17.25
programable voltage regulator
shunt voltage reference $0.89 3 $2.67
fixed voltage for power regulation
flash memory $1.84 3 $5.52
needed for installing all of the settings for the radar on bootup
Power regulator $2.83 3 $8.49
power regulator to take our input voltage down to what is required
Project Totals: 39 $285.03
Track 2 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $50.00
Remaining Budget: $14.97