Sight to Sound Glasses

Created on 08 Nov 2017

Glasses that convert visual greyscale data into sound, to help blind people see with sound.

vOICe glasses, glasses that parse visual data from left to right, converting it to an audio recording, has been shown in tests to help blind people "hear" textures. According to, the tech has even helped at least one blind person see not just textures. For our project, we would be making a similar product, except that the mapping from visual space to audio space would be a Hilbert curve. We would map the 2d visual points onto the Hilbert curve that fills it. Then, each point on the curve corresponds to a different frequency. The intensity of each frequency would be the intensity of the pixel in greyscale. We chose a Hilbert curve, because it has the property that it is adaptable to any size of 2d input, without causing the mapping to vary greatly.


Xinyu Guan


Jessica Lee


Blair Chen


Ramgopal Venkateswaran


William Zhang

Part Cost Quantity Total Silicon Power 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Memory Card Limited Edi $21.95 1 $21.95
SD card, Memory for the Pi3
Sorry! Something went wrong! $7.80 9 $70.20
Memory for the Processing Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard: Computers & Accessorie $34.76 1 $34.76
Raspberry Pi needed for Image Processing AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones - Black: Home A $14.99 1 $14.99
Headphones, needed to listen to audio, also to act as mount for device
Raspberry Pi Zero W Basic Pack - Includes Pi Zero W $24.50 11 $269.50
Parallel Processing Power (Edited by officers to be the Zero pack)
USB Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi - 10000mAh - 2 x 5V outputs ID: 1566 $39.95 1 $39.95
Battery Pack for Added Mobility
Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2 - 8 Megapixels ID: 3099 - $29.95 : Adafru $29.95 2 $59.90
Camera for obtaining visual data
Adafruit Raspberry Pi Camera Board Case with 1/4 Tripod Mount ID: 3253 $2.95 1 $2.95
Aesthetic placement of camera
Project Totals: 27 $514.20
Track 1 Base Budget: $300.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $-214.20