Dance Dance Revolution

Created on 07 Nov 2017

"So you think you can dance?"

This project is inspired by the dancing game, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). In DDR, players dance on a platform by stepping on colored arrows based on musical cues. Players can dance to a variety of music and are judged based on their accuracy. We will use some kind of microprocessor (Arduino or Raspberry Pi) and connect it to several pressure sensors laying under some material on the floor. When a player steps on the material, the pressure sensors will send a signal to a computer program running the game, and tabulate the scores. The computer may also be connected to a projected display for ease of game purposes. (Note: Pitch quote from television show: So You Think You Can Dance)


Indu Korambath


Christina Ou


Suann Chi


Lizzy Thrasher


Krishna Dave

Part Cost Quantity Total
Foam Tape $3.49 2 $6.98
Foam Tape For Insulation
MDF Panels $26.83 1 $26.83
MDF Panels for the Dance Pad
Arduino Leonardo $26.95 1 $26.95
Arduino Leonardo
Pressure Sensor Fabric $24.95 4 $99.80
Fabric sheets that respond to pressure
Polycarbonate Sheet $38.40 1 $38.40
polycarbonate sheet for cover - Part # 8574K246
5V 2A switching power supply $7.95 3 $23.85
adapter for the LED pixel strips
Neopixel LED Light Strip $16.95 4 $67.80
RGB LED light strips that blink
Black Wire $2.95 1 $2.95
A black wire spool
Red Wire $2.95 1 $2.95
A red wire spool
Project Totals: 18 $296.51
Track 1 Base Budget: $250.00
Preferred Vendor Budget Bonus: $0.00
Remaining Budget: $-46.51