Rachel Hsin


Junior in Mechanical Engineering

Untitled Steam Powered Goose Robot

Goose robot that bothers you when you're trying to do work and shits on your laptop

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Tartan Spray Paint

It's just an inkjet printer

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Untitled Steam Powered Goose Robot 14 Jan 2020, 4:28 p.m. EST
Day 1 (Monday) - We did rough sketching of proportions, dimensions; Kevin hand-sanded the styrofoam goose head to shape; Ishraq soldered various electronic components; Fatima and Rachel started building the chassis w/ aluminum extrusion and laser-cut acrylic; Louis and Kevin made a rough assembly of the head and neck using LED eyes wired through the gooseneck, inserted into the head
Tartan Spray Paint 15 Jan 2019, 8:58 p.m. EST
1/14/19 (Monday) - Tested hardware: ran motors, sprayed paint can for reference. Fatima Basit, Louis Plottel, and Rachel Hsin (hardware team) built prototype mount for one spray can using scraps of wood, one large nail, rubber bands, duct tape, fishing line. Wired motor to Arduino Uno, tested using test code from Mina Nowroozi and Tina Wu (software team). Hardware team tested different lever arm lengths to find shortest possible arm that motor could reasonably handle and finished off the night by making CAD to laser cut a complete prototype for a total of sixteen cans in the same assembly. Software team tested and calibrated ultrasonic sensor for returning y-axis position of device. Also developed algorithm for creating tartan pattern when spraying paint arbitrarily.