Tina Wu


Sophomore in School of Computer Science

Tartan Spray Paint

It's just an inkjet printer

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Tartan Spray Paint 18 Jan 2019, 3:39 a.m. EST
1/17/19 (Thursday) - The hardware team adjusted the frame to hold 4 cans (2x2) instead of 16. The software team ran test code to identify hardware issues causing the paint to not spray when it should have sprayed. We connected the ultrasonic sensors to the same circuit as the motors that make the paint can spray in order to have a complete process from the sensor measurements to the paint spraying. There were still some issues that prevented the device from correctly spraying the tartan pattern, including some mistakes in wiring and misalignment of the rig that pushes the trigger of the paint can.
Tartan Spray Paint 16 Jan 2019, 12:23 a.m. EST
1/15/19 (Tuesday) - The hardware team refined the design of a mount for a single spray can and laser cut acrylic for the mount. They continued testing with motors and different Arduino boards. The software team completed the algorithm to determine the color of the paint needed for a specific (x,y) point (i.e. given a distance of 100 cm from the floor and 90 cm from an adjacent wall, as measured by ultrasonic sensors, should red paint can #2 spray at the wall while in its current location or not?). Additionally, they continued testing the ultrasonic sensors to make sure that their output was sufficiently accurate and consistent.