Chi Gao

Junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering


You will no longer die from your deadlift with Livelift!

@mgang, @zhichun2, @aicheny, @chig

Livelift 12 Feb 2022, 10:36 p.m. EST
Our progress: We started from exploring the parts we had. RedBoard is similar to Arduino and we managed to set up all of our environments. Then we started playing with flex sensors. By bending flex sensors, their resistance can change. We assembled a basic voltage divider circuit on bread board. Later we collected a few sets of data in the gym, and the result is not quite good... Relying on one sensor only is too inaccurate. Therefore we decided to use more flex sensors and... accelerometers! Exploring with accelerometers was a hard journey. We spent some time resolving conflicting devices on the I2C bus. Then we discovered address jumpers (Thanks Han!) on accelerometers and buttons! Yay! After some struggles with software design and if-elses for our sensors (Thanks Aichen for flex sensor development and Han for accelerometer development!), we put everything together on a T-shirt. Wearable technology! Special thanks to Zhichun on sewing sensors on our T-shirt! She learned how to use that sewing machine in Techspark all by herself! 👏 With all wirings and soldering (Thanks Chi!), our final prototype is up. Han will be our deadlift demo hero for tomorrow (we wrote this on Feb 12). It is a great experience for all of us. We learned how to use Redboard, sensors, assembling a distributed sensing system, and lots of fun and joy in building! We will definitely continue prototyping with those cool stuff on Sparkfun! GO GO LIVELIFT!!!!